Wyndham Resort in Aruba, A Window to Your Soul


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If you are looking for the perfect summer get-away in the exotic Caribbean, the Wyndham Resort in Aruba is definitely the place for you. Perched along the coast of the Caribbean sea in the world-renowned Palm Beach, the Wyndham Resort in Aruba embodies the ideal tropical destination. With the magnificence of the Palm Beach fully carpeted with fine white sand and a superb view of the luminous turquoise depths of the Caribbean, the Wyndham Resort in Aruba unfolds the beauty of the Caribbean right at your doorstep.

A thrill of excitement comes in being presented with an array of choices on how you can fully enjoy the arubamany charms of the island. There is a quiet kind of joy in simply lying on the soft sand, basking in the heat of the tropical sun like a sun goddess and just reveling in the splendor of the place. Or you can go sailing or windsurfing on the tranquil waters of the Caribbean sea. It teems with an exciting and colorful diversity of marine life within a short distance from the resort which makes for scuba-diving and snorkeling as the perfect adventure.

The Wyndham Resort in Aruba boasts of facilities and amenities designed to achieve the perfect mixture of tasteful elegance and cozy comfort. Each room is provided with a satellite television, refrigerator, floor-to-ceiling windows and a private balcony for you to drink in and have your fill of the fascinating beauty of the sea and a tropical sunset which mesmerizes with its panoply of vibrant shades of red and gold vividly etched on the midnight blue canvas of the skies. The resort has its own fitness and tennis room, and offers the comforts of a spa where you can indulge in a soothing, relaxing massage. Or enjoy a lazy day at the delightful seaside pool where concierges wait on you for a personalized quality service. The resort has its own casino where favorite games of baccarat, blackjack and the like are played to fever-pitch excitement.

A taste of the festive, carnival nightlife of the island is availabe within a short distance from the resort. Lose yourself to the beat of Caribbean music at the nearby Aruban Revue or go wild with excitement at the night-round games played at the famous Casablanca casino. There is an array of restaurants , each one serving different cuisine and every restaurant provides a different ambience that will certainly capture your imagination, making each dining experience unique and delightful.

The Wyndham Resort in Aruba intoxicates with its beauty, truly a sanctuary in the midst of the Caribbean, where you can soothe your tired, restless soul.

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